• Jade Egg Pack Rona Mirimi Medium Red Jasper Yoni Egg
    Red Jasper is for releasing of sexual shame and guilt, activating of sexual and creative energy, stabilising emotions as it is very grounding, encouraging focus and self-mastery. Red Jasper also helps enhance one’s endurance and stamina by increasing the chi in one’s energetic field. It is a stone of physical strength and energy and is wonderful for those needing extra support to recover from physical weakness due to illness. It enhances memory, especially of dreams and other inner experiences. Its ability to activate sexual/creative energy can be very useful to counter issues of impotence or lack of sexual interest. It is an amazing ally for those wishing to heal and recover from violent sexual experiences. It is said to have a down-to-earth “nobility” that just rubs off on its wearer. All of this work it does gradually but powerfully.
  • The Ruby Cherry Stone Pillow is a great solution for any pain and discomfort. It is easy to use and suitable for all ages. Made with organic cotton and real cherry stones, you are sure to love your Ruby Cherry Stone Pillow.
  • Ruby Cup Red Horizontal Shop Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups

    Ruby Cup

    Model 1:
    • Diameter: Inner 41 mm,  Outer 47 mm
    • Stem: 25 mm
    • Cup volume: 25 ml
    • Measuring lines: 5 ml and 13.5 ml
    Model 2:
    • Diameter: Inner 46mm,  Outer 52mm
    • Stem: 20 mm
    • Cup volume: 30ml
    • Measuring lines: 7.5ml and 15ml
    Here is some great information on how to clean your cup. Do you need some help in choosing the right cup for your body? Fill in our online form and we will help you choose.
    Cup Form
  • For sterilising your cup in the microwave 20 uses
  • For sterilising your cup in the microwave Quanitiy: 100 bags
  • Summer Raffle

    Stand a chance to be one of 5 people to win a pack of 3 100% Organic Cloth Pads for normal to medium flow worth R450. The pad is ecological, comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly. It has GOTS approval which guarantees that the cotton doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is manufactured in Fair Trade. The shape of the cloth pad works with the female body and sits naturally and comfortably. You can also use these pads for incontinence. The cloth pads have wings with press studs that are nickel free. This helps prevent movement of the pad so it sits in place throughout the day. They are made from 2 pieces. One you clips to your underwear and the second is an insertion you fold and it holds lots of fluids. Once the upper part is full and you are out and about, you can refold it and it continues to absorb. While wearing the pad, the print should be facing your vulva. The more absorbable area is suitable for heavy bleeding. The raffle costs R25 for one entry and R40 for 2 entries. The competition is open from 13 December 2021 until 23 December 2021 and the winners will be announced on 24 December 2021. Please select "LOCAL PICKUP" for the shipping option upon checkout otherwise shipping will automatically be added. Rona Mirimi will not be responsible for users selecting the incorrect shipping method.
  • A luxurious butter to slather all over your body. Contains   220ml Ingredients: Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils. Sandalwood/ Rose Geranium/ Lemongrass/ Floral
  • Wraps

    Keep baby safe and close. Unique design with a pocket to help carry the baby paraphernalia.   Manufactured from stretchy, breathable cotton and available in different colours.  Despite washing and use, it keeps its shape!
  • Yoni Balm

    This great Yoni Balm is made by Dr. Gauri Lowe who is also a herbalist and midwife who understands women’s needs. She wanted to develop a balm that will nourish us and it has been found to be excellent for chronic infections, irritation, sensitivity, thin skin, general lubrication and nourishment as well as a supportive treatment for UTIs, prolapse and stress incontinence. It is also excellent for postpartum recovery and healing.
  • Yoni Steam Ingredients Yoni Steams Packaged
    Yoni Steaming has been practiced all over the world for many centuries, starting with the Mayans and is also practiced in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Western America, Guatemala, Mexico, Turkey and South America. Yoni Steaming helps with many conditions and should be used when there is an absent period, to clear old residue, to aid with fibroids, for postpartum, menstrual cramps and conditions like bacterial vaginosis. It is practiced once a month after the menstrual cycle ends. For postpartum, when Yoni Steaming is used 2-3 days after birth, it can help disinfect tears and stitches, and deal with prolapse to tighten the vagina so organs can move back into place. There are various factors to consider regarding conditions, types of steaming and which blends to use. If you are unsure at all, it is best to contact Rona Mirimi directly for tailored guidance.
  • Yuuki

    Yuuki Menstrual Cups are high-quality Czech products made of medical grade silicon, meeting the strictest medical standards. All production and inspection processes are in full compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Here is some great information on how to clean your cup. Do you need some help in choosing the right cup for your body? Fill in our online form and we will help you choose.
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