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  • Organic Cloth Pads Organic Cloth Pads Packs
    Reusable cloth pads that are made from 100% Organic Cotton and with one pul layer. The pad is ecological, thin, comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly. It comes in 4 different sizes:
    • 19cm x 5cm which is perfect for teens and people with a small to medium stature - extra small to medium underwear.
    • 24 cm x 6cm which is ideal for teens at night or for adults daily. Medium stature - small to medium underwear.
    • 28 cm x 7cm is ideal for people with a larger stature and after giving birth - large to extra-large underwear.
    • 33cm x  8cm is great for postpartum and extra-large stature.
    It has GOTS approval which guarantees that the cotton doesn't contain harmful chemicals. It is manufactured in Fair Trade. The shape of the cloth pad works with the female body and sits naturally and comfortably. The cloth pad is made with 4 layers and a pul layer between them which is breathable and leakproof. You can also use these pads for incontinence. The cloth pads have wings with press studs that are nickel free. This helps prevent movement of the pad so it sits in place throughout the day. While wearing the pad, the print should be facing your vulva. The more absorbable area is suitable for heavy bleeding. Washing instructions:
    • Wash before first use.
    • After use, soak it in cold water and then wash and rinse, or rinse under cold water and wash in the washing machine with a low temperature and no softener. It is best to use an eco-friendly detergent.
    The cloth pads are absorbent and especially recommended for women who suffer from vaginal infections, candida, irritations and UTIs. You can choose to mix and match colours and sizes.
    19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
    Length: 19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
    Width: 5.5cm 7cm 7cm 8cm
    Underwear Width: 5-6cm 7-8cm 7-8cm 8-9cm
    Stature: sml - normal normal large x-large
    Size: xs - m s -l l - xl xl - xxxl
    Bleeding: also for postpartum
  • Organic Pads Liners
    Daily liners made from soft organic cotton. It is one piece, eco- friendly breathable and light. The cotton didn’t go through chemical spraying therefore it is more absorbent and last longer. You wash it with the rest of your laundry, low temperature.
    • All the fabrics are organic certified.
    • You can mix between the cloths pads.
    • These cloths pads are great for women who tend to suffer from candida, infections etc.
  • Basal Body Thermometer
    The Basal Body Thermometer is for people that want to chart their own fertility. It has two decimal places for accurate readings and it keeps the memory of the last reading.
  • Bean Bags

    Amazing colourful bean bags. Washable, fun for any age. Ideal for babies to lie ‘in’, children can jump on them and parents can rest.
  • Jade Egg Pack Rona Mirimi Carnelian Medium Yoni Egg
    Carnelian benefits all 3 of the lower chakras being the root, sacral and solar plexus, but is particularly good for balancing the sacral (sexual) chakra. Carnelian is the stone to use for courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action and leadership. It increases life-force, sexual and creative energies and our assertive will. It builds confidence, courage, passion and inner power. It brings zest for life and the courage to push our boundaries. It encourages taking action in order to bring about manifestation. It is all about physical vitality and helps us keep our spiritual vitality in balance so we don’t get “top” or “mind-heavy” which makes us rather ineffective in the physical world. It is particularly balancing and healing to the ovaries.
  • Class Series Course

    The Class Series comprises 4 classes, held as one class a week over 4 weeks. Students will receive a private consultation with me for 45 min, 3 months after the last class. You also get a booklet with charts and a Basal Body Thermometer to help you with the charting and your partner is welcome to join. You only learn your body for the first 3 months that you chart and I would strongly recommend not to use it as contraceptive before we meet. You gain a lifetime skill that will follow you throughout your reproductive years. You also get a booklet with charts and a Basal Body Thermometer to help you with the charting and your partner is welcome to join. Class dates are set according to an event calendar and it is best to check the dates.
  • Green Cup Bag Group Cup Bags

    Cup Bags

    These stylish material Cup Bags are a great option for storing your menstrual cups between cycles. They are breathable and will ensure your cup is ready and waiting for your next cycle. Once your cycle is finished, sterilize your cup, let it dry and store it in your gorgeous Cup Bag until the next time you need it. These bags are made locally in South Africa and therefore any purchases help to support a local small business.
  • Cup Spots Flower Cup Spots Flower 1

    Cup Spot

    Somewhere clean and sterile to put your cup.
  • A natural deodorant that works wonderfully Contains 106ml Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, bicarbonate soda, corn flour & essential oils. Fragrances: Lavender | Rose Geranium | Orange| Pine | Bergamot | Sandalwood
  • A natural deodorant that works wonderfully Contains 50ml Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, bicarbonate soda, corn flour & essential oils. Fragrances: Lavender | Rose Geranium | Orange| Pine | Bergamot | Sandalwood
  • Booklet Charts Inside Booklet Charts

    Fertility Awareness Charts

    These are menstrual cycle charts for people who are keen to start charting or already charting. Choose between single charts or booklets with 28 charts and a mandala cover to make it your own. If you are travelling, you can take out the current page to make charting easy.
  • Jade Egg Pack Rona Mirimi Medium Indian Jade Yoni Egg
    Indian Jade, or Green Aventurine as it is also known, is a stone of optimism, joy and zest for life! It is useful for releasing old patterns, habits or relationships and to welcome change, growth and renewal. It encourages us to embrace life’s challenges with lightness and humour. It is very useful for clearing and balancing our emotions. It is a stone that stimulates life-force and encourages physical and vibrational vitality, making it a perfect stone for any conscious sexuality practice. It keeps us heart-centred and is also beneficial for heart health and the circulatory system. A wonderful yoni egg to help let go of the old and welcome the new!
  • Iris Cup

    The small Iris Cup has a capacity of 15ml and is for women who are under 25 years of age AND who have never had a baby. The large Iris Cup has a capacity of 20ml and is for women over 25 years of age and those who have had children. Here is some great information on how to clean your cup. Do you need some help in choosing the right cup for your body? Fill in our online form and we will help you choose.
    Cup Form
  • Jade Yoni Egg Rona Mirimi Jade Egg and Roses Rona Mirimi

    Jade Egg

    The Jade Egg is for pelvic floor strength and according to the Traditional Chinese, Jade is a very powerful healing stone that can protect the wearer from negative energies. In the Mayan tradition, Jade is also considered a sacred healing stone. It was used to connect family members with each other when they were apart. Xiuyan Jade has been used to make Jade artifacts in China for thousands of years. It is also known as Serpentine Jade or Water Jade. The eggs polish to a smooth finish and are hard to scratch or damage. Xiuyan Jade Eggs are a mixture of a beautiful translucent green and shades of milky green. The abundance of Xiuyan Jade makes it a more affordable option for a Jade Egg. Xiuyan Jade assists in cellular regeneration and in replenishing one’s energy. It is also said to be beneficial for kidney function, hormone balance and relieving tension, making it a perfect stone for a Jade Egg practice. Xiuyan Jade is very effective at awakening the kundalini energy and thus activating all chakras from the base to the crown in a safe and balanced way. Xiuyan Jade clears blocked energies and allows a healthy, natural flow to be re-established. Xiuyan Jade also enhances our communication with Nature and the Earth – including animal, plant and stone communication and allows us to unlock the stored cumulative knowledge of the natural world.
  • Lunette

    Model 1:
    • Diameter: Inner 41mm,  Outer 47 mm
    • Stem: 25 mm
    • Cup volume: 25 ml
    • Measuring lines: 5ml and 13.5ml
    Model 2:
    • Diameter: Inner 46mm,  Outer 52mm
    • Stem: 20 mm
    • Cup volume: 30ml
    • Measuring lines: 7.5ml and 15ml
    Here is some great information on how to clean your cup. Do you need some help in choosing the right cup for your body? Fill in our online form and we will help you choose.
    Cup Form
  • Contains 220ml A rich massage body butter that is easy to apply and work with and at the same time doesn’t leave the therapists hands greasy and oily. It contains heating oils and leaves the body smooth and fragrant. There are 2 different strengths (the difference is in the heating oils). Rosemary Peppermint | Cinnamon Peppermint
  • Midnight Merula Merula Range


    With a diameter of 40mm to 46mm, Merula adapts perfectly to your body and is an ideal companion for light to heavy bleeding. From weak to strong pelvic muscles, Merula stays where it belongs. As it can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape, literally. Due to its spherical shape, Merula has a short height of only 39mm and an impressive capacity, which is bigger than the amount of two of the highest absorbency tampons. Because of that, Merula can easily be used by women with a low cervix. The cup can also be used without any difficulty if you have a high cervix, as it has a long, ladder-shaped stem. Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide, which length of the stem would be perfect for you. If necessary, you can adapt it by cutting one or two levels from the stem. We also stock the Merula XL for very heavy bleeders. It comes in 3 bright colours which includes the Strawberry, Midnight and the latest addition to the range, the Fox. Here is some great information on how to clean your cup. Do you need some help in choosing the right cup for your body? Fill in our online form and we will help you choose.
    Cup Form
  • A gentle soap that can be used on the most sensitive skin and to clean your menstrual cup! Fragrance: Lavender
  • Natural Sunscreen Gentle sunscreen. 35 SPF Contains 220ml Ingredients: Almond oil, coconut oil, raspberry seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, Zinc and essential oil.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace has a rich history of use as an implantation inhibitor and contraceptive since over 2000 years ago.  Queen Anne’s Lace was already mentioned by Hippocrates described as an abortificant. In North America, women in the Appalachian Mountains have used Queen Anne’s Lace seeds to regulate their fertility for hundreds of years and in India, women in Rajasthan take Queen Anne’s Lace seeds in a water mixture or chew seeds to reduce fertility. This product is sold per jar.


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