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Yoni Steaming has been practiced all over the world for many centuries, starting with the Mayans and is also practiced in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Western America, Guatemala, Mexico, Turkey and South America.

Yoni Steaming helps with many conditions and should be used when there is an absent period, to clear old residue, to aid with fibroids, for postpartum, menstrual cramps and conditions like bacterial vaginosis. It is practiced once a month after the menstrual cycle ends. For postpartum, when Yoni Steaming is used 2-3 days after birth, it can help disinfect tears and stitches, and deal with prolapse to tighten the vagina so organs can move back into place.

There are various factors to consider regarding conditions, types of steaming and which blends to use. If you are unsure at all, it is best to contact Rona Mirimi directly for tailored guidance.

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Yoni Steam for Yoni Health:

Characteristics of conditions.

  • Fertility: Can be affected by old residue or brown blood in the uterus, stagnation or any stuck blood.
  • Self-cleansing Uterus: The uterus cleanses itself, but sometimes this might not happen. A self-cleansing uterus clears clots, mucus or dry blood.
  • Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections: Odour is the first sign and it there can be yellow or greenish discharge.
  • Fibroids: These are small cysts on the ovaries that are filled with pus.
  • Hemorrhoids: Enlarged veins in the anus and lower rectum.
  • Miscarriage: It can take time for the body to understand  and residues might remain.
  • Painful Sex: This can be a result of poor circulation to the area.

There are 4 hard contraindications for those wanting to practice Yoni Steaming. Steaming at the wrong times can cause pregnancy loss, a period to come early or a heavy bleed, which we want to avoid. For these reasons, Yoni Steaming should not happen under these conditions:

  • During pregnancy: Steam opens the cervix. During pregnancy, the cervix is closed and will only open when the baby is ready to arrive.
  • During a fresh menstrual cycle: Steam is warm and any increased heat to the reproductive system can cause the bleed to be heavier.
  • During the luteal phase if trying to conceive: We don’t want to interfere with this process when trying to achieve conception.
  • During a spontaneous bleed: A second/interim/abnormal bleed should not be steamed.

There are 3 soft contraindications to Yoni Steaming that can cause complications, but it is up to the individual if she wants to use it.

  • Infection, a burning sensation or lots of heat: Steaming can cause an itchy sensation in these instances so it is not recommended.
  • Tied tubes or tubal coagulation: Different forms of this sterilisation can cause scar tissue and this can cause it to fail.
  • Being on the pill or implant: These forms of contraception cause cervical mucus to thicken. Steaming clears the thick mucus and can then allow pregnancy.

Yoni Steaming can be used as Mild Setup or an Advanced Setup.

A Mild Setup is when the pot doesn’t have a burner underneath it, so it is not as hot and steaming commences for roughly 10 minutes. Some people will always need a Mild Setup such as a first time steamer, sensitive users, those who have not been screened for contraindications, women with IUDs, those prone to infections, and those under 13 years of age. Those with a history of spontaneous bleeding or who are prone to fresh spotting should not Yoni Steam while experiencing these conditions.

An Advanced Setup should only be practiced after being screened for any possible contraindications. A burner or heat source is used under the pot and Yoni Steaming can continue for 30 minutes or more. Even though this is an effective therapy, it can be too much and should therefore be practiced by those with enough experience. It is important that users are adequately hydrated and they might want to lie down afterwards. It is also vital to get the heat to the right temperature as too hot  can make it an uncomfortable experience. Those wanting to use Advanced Steaming can also use a cloak to wrap around their body, keeping the heat and steam in to initiate a detox sweat.

Conditions where Yoni Steaming is ok:

  • IUD: Use a Mild Setup is advised.
  • Hot flushes: A Mild Steam setup is advised.
  • Infections: A Mild Steam setup is advised.
  • Open sores: A Mild Steam setup would help to disinfect.
  • Hysterectomy
  • Fibroids
  • Cysts
  • HPV
  • Bumps

Those using a Nova Ring should have it removed before they attempt to do Yoni Steaming.

There are essentially 5 types of Yoni Steaming blends:

  • Cleansing Blends: Those with cycles of 28 days or longer. Those who are missing cycles. Those taking the pill.
  • Gentle Blends: Best for users with short cycles – less than 27 days. Those with signs of urine fatigue or spontaneous bleedings. Those 13 years or younger.
  • Disinfecting Blends: Those with bacterial vaginosis, HPV, irregular vaginal discharge, other vaginal infections.
  • Cooling Blends: Those who experience hot flushes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, excess heat in the body, dry natural infections.
  • Universal Blends: A balanced blend that is good for postpartum and general use.

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