Yoni Balm


This great Yoni Balm is made by Dr. Gauri Lowe who is also a herbalist and midwife who understands women’s needs.

She wanted to develop a balm that will nourish us and it has been found to be excellent for chronic infections, irritation, sensitivity, thin skin, general lubrication and nourishment as well as a supportive treatment for UTIs, prolapse and stress incontinence. It is also excellent for postpartum recovery and healing.



This beautiful Yoni Balm contains ingredients that are hand-selected and made with love.

The organic, raw and unrefined Shea Butter is ethically harvested in Ethiopia working with village residents. There is organic and unrefined Maffura Butter and beeswax that is natural and non-adulterated, as well as sourced from ethical hives.

Other ingredients include solar-infused herbal oils of calendula blossoms, comfrey leaves and marshmallow root, as well as essential oils of thyme, rosemary and lavender.

There are also a few added secret ingredients, including Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.

I have been using this for a while now and it is great nourishment for our Yoni, otherwise known as a vagina, which we tend to leave out of our routine.


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