The cloth pads are very soft and nurturing to your body as you deserve after giving birth.

Eco, breathable & absorbent. Very soft and comfortable and your body will accepts them in the most  natural way. The cotton didn’t go through chemical spraying therefore it is more absorbent and last longer.

The pad has 2 parts: one part that wraps around your panty with nickel snaps and the second is a liner folded in 4. The unique shape of the pad allows you to change fold when the upper part is saturated and you can still wear it and feel dry and comfortable.

Washing: When you finish with it, soak in cold water for a few hours, squeeze and wash in the washing machine 40 degrees, with no bleach, and eco-friendly detergent.

  • All the fabrics are organic certified.
  • You can mix between the cloths pads.
  • These cloths pads are great for women who tend to suffer from candida, infections etc.