Reusable cloth pads that are made from 100% Organic Cotton and with one pul layer. The pad is ecological, thin, comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly.

It comes in 4 different sizes:

  • 19cm x 5cm which is perfect for teens and people with a small to medium stature – extra small to medium underwear.
  • 24 cm x 6cm which is ideal for teens at night or for adults daily. Medium stature – small to medium underwear.
  • 28 cm x 7cm is ideal for people with a larger stature and after giving birth – large to extra-large underwear.
  • 33cm x  8cm is great for postpartum and extra-large stature.

It has GOTS approval which guarantees that the cotton doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is manufactured in Fair Trade. The shape of the cloth pad works with the female body and sits naturally and comfortably. The cloth pad is made with 4 layers and a pul layer between them which is breathable and leakproof. You can also use these pads for incontinence.

The cloth pads have wings with press studs that are nickel free. This helps prevent movement of the pad so it sits in place throughout the day. While wearing the pad, the print should be facing your vulva. The more absorbable area is suitable for heavy bleeding.

Washing instructions:

  • Wash before first use.
  • After use, soak it in cold water and then wash and rinse, or rinse under cold water and wash in the washing machine with a low temperature and no softener. It is best to use an eco-friendly detergent.

The cloth pads are absorbent and especially recommended for women who suffer from vaginal infections, candida, irritations and UTIs.

You can choose to mix and match colours and sizes.

19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
Length: 19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
Width: 5.5cm 7cm 7cm 8cm
Underwear Width: 5-6cm 7-8cm 7-8cm 8-9cm
Stature: sml – normal normal large x-large
Size: xs – m s -l l – xl xl – xxxl
Bleeding: also for postpartum