In association with Dr Gauri Lowe we presented the first ever ‘Mooncycle Day’ on the 15th July to promote a simpler, greener and more open approach to dealing with menstrual issues and clear up some of the questions related to this most natural of processes.

Discussions and presentations ranged from answering questions around physical and emotional issues to raising awareness of the impact of disposable menstrual products on women’s bodies, the effect they are having on the environment as well some of the social taboos and practices that make women’s lives so difficult in many societies.

Life coach and Psychophonetics practitioner, Keriesa Botha, presented a workshop on exploring the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how to flow with them and deepen the physical connection to intuition, inspiration, imagination and time management.

Dr Lowe, medical practitioner and herbalist, talked on the charting of the phases of the female cycle from menstruation, through ovulation as a  useful and practical tool for fertility and healing.  Besides teaching a deeper understand of the fluctuations in the female body, it engenders a deeper understanding of the mind and hormones at different times of the month.


I discussed the latest products and trends in the management of the menstrual cycle.   Traditional products, although they are used widely, pose a risk of toxic poisoning due to bleaches and chemicals used in their production.  The impact of disposable products – tampons, pads and babiesnappies –  also pose a very serious problem to the environment, not to mention the cost of these products.   Time frames quoted on the internet for the disintegration of these products in landfills and the ocean range from 500 to 800 years.

Alongside the workshops, a range of products and services were on offer, many of them by women entrepreneurs from home-based businesses.

The intention is to offer these workshops on a quarterly basis in Cape Town.  For more information contact me n