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Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup is a small cup, usually made from medical grade silicone that we insert into our vagina to collect our menstrual blood. The way to use it is to fold the cup and insert it. Once it is in, it creates a seal with our vaginal walls and therefore it doesn’t leak. Once we feel that we need to remove it, we squeeze the bottom part of the cup and release the suction. We empty the blood, rinse the cup and put it back. Once your period is over, you sterilize it and store it until your next period.

Unlike tampons, it doesn’t absorb the blood and therefore does not change our vaginal environment, the PH and microbiome that has to be there to protect us. Using a menstrual cup is much healthier for our body as it doesn’t leave fibres behind like tampons which are a great place for bacteria to grow. Menstrual cups do not contain toxic chemicals and are much better for the environment as one menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years and you only need one.

There are many cups on the market and this is where I would also like to let you know that I only work with reputable, high-quality brands and cups. I do not stock cups where the place of manufacture is unknown or questionable. I do not work with brands that haven’t checked the safely of their cups and their ethics.

What should I know before I buy a menstrual cup?

The very first thing is to check the height of your cervix. This is essential for people who have given birth and/or people that are 34 years of age. People that are younger AND haven’t given birth don’t need to check this as the cups are smaller.

Our cervix, under the influence of our sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, moves throughout our cycle and is at its lowest point on the first days of our period. That is very important information as it determines how much space we have in our vagina for a menstrual cup. If you need guidance on how to check the height of your cervix, you can read this information: http://bit.ly/2J8fekb.

If you find out that your cervix is less than 50 mm or 5 cm, the Merula is your best bet.

The next step will be to fill in this form and I will get back to you with great options.

Questions I have been asked

What are the different folds I can use for my cup?2019-07-03T13:11:42+00:00

There are various folds you can use for your cup. I would watch this video tutorial so you can find the best fold for you.

How do I clean my cup?2019-07-03T13:12:04+00:00

The first thing we need to do when we get a new cup as well as when taking a second-hand one is to sterilize it. Read more here.

What if my cup leaks?2019-07-03T13:08:12+00:00

The cup may leak for many reasons but one of the most common reasons is due to the positioning. Read more here.

My menstrual cup has been inside me for ten hours, is this a problem?2017-08-18T10:01:37+00:00

The usage limit of 12 hours is a recommended, but longer use will not necessarily cause problems.  I would recommend changing your cup three to four times a day to avoid any risk of infection.

Can I use a menstrual cup with an IUD?2018-03-15T12:19:52+00:00

Yes you can!  If you do use an IUD, consult with your gynaecologist about cutting the strings as short as possible and monitor their length regularly during periods. If the strings seem longer than normal, it could be a sign that your IUD has moved.

How do I know if my flow is heavy or light?2017-08-18T10:04:41+00:00

A flow of less than 80 ml over the duration of your period is considered to be light to normal.  Over 80ml is considered to be a heavy period.

How does the menstrual cup differ from the tampon?2017-08-18T10:04:34+00:00

Both the menstrual cup and tampon provide internal menstrual protection.  The difference is that the menstrual cup collects the blood and the tampon absorbs it. The tampon can be used only once whereas the menstrual cup can be used for many years. A tampon is rigid while a cup is flexible, hence softer in your vagina.  The tampon not only absorbs the menstrual flow, but also the natural lubrication within the vagina, causing dryness.

Can I sleep with or swim while I am using my menstrual cup?2017-08-18T10:04:27+00:00

Most definitely!

Sometimes I have leakage when I use my menstrual cup. Can this be related to the cervix?2017-08-18T10:02:52+00:00

The cervix is the entrance of the uterus through which menstrual blood flows through a pin-sized hole into the vaginal canal.  It is usually located high in the vagina keeping it above the menstrual cup which is placed lower down.  If your cervix moves to a lower position during menstruation or if the cup is inserted too high, then the cup might come into contact with the cervix and cause leaks or discomfort.

You can locate your cervix in the upper part of your vagina and it feels like the tip of a nose. If you can’t locate it then it just means yours is deep enough not to affect the cup.

If you’ve given birth recently, or more than once, exercise the pelvic diaphragm muscles by doing Kegel exercises (the added bonus it can also help with incontinence and improving sex!)

I can’t get my menstrual cup out. Should I worry?2017-08-18T10:04:18+00:00

Your menstrual cup can’t get lost inside you!   Removing your menstrual cup can be strange at first but relax. Take a deep breath, relax your muscles and slowly try to grasp the bottom of the cup with your fingers before gently easing it out.  You can also try a little rocking back and forth or squatting. Sometimes it is easier while sitting on the toilet with your knees (and vagina) wide open and legs relaxed.

I am prone to bladder and yeast infections. Can I use a menstrual cup?2017-08-18T10:02:21+00:00

You most certainly can but my advice would be to buy a soft cup like the IrisCup which won’t irritate or put pressure on your vaginal walls and the surrounding organs (bladder).

Iris Cup

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Iris Cup

IrisCup, the Rolls Royce of menstrual cups is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone which guarantees a level of hygiene superior to menstrual cups hardened with peroxide.   It is ideal for women who want a high quality menstrual cup and for those who have dermatological problems or allergies.

  • It’s soft and pliable, completely adapts to your body, respecting the vaginal environment and avoiding unpleasant leaks.
  • IrisCup supports your lifestyle… it is perfect to use when playing sport, swimming, travelling, sleeping and is compatible with contraceptive methods, such as IUDs and the contraceptive ring.
  • IrisCup is safe and anti-allergenic. It is suitable for all women. Even those with dermatological allergies to tampons or latex. This is because it is made with 100% Platinum Silicone, a chemically inert material that is totally safe in contact with the body because it does not cause any reaction, allergy or inflammation.
  • It is odourless and does not absorb odour either.
  • IrisCup has FDA approval and complies with all the EU Health Department requirements.
  • Lasts up to 10 years.

IrisCup Sizes

Size S- Women up to 25 years and who have not given birth.
Size L- Women over 25 years or who have given birth.

Recommendations in case of leakage

If the Iriscup menstrual cup is correctly placed, you will not feel it and you should not experience discomfort or leakage. Correct positioning:

Iris Cup Sizes

Poorly placed menstrual cup which can cause leakage.

Menstrual cup in the correct position.

Lunette Cup

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Lunette Menstrual Cups

I have personally tested a large range of menstrual cups and am able to offer the best on the market.

Different brands have different features and because all women are different, these will appeal for different reasons.

Lunette is also a medical grade silicone cup and comes in a multitude of colours – allowing buyers to personalize their purchase.

The dyes used are FDA approved for medical and food use. The colours don’t contain heavy metals (e.g. lead, chromium VI, cadmium, mercury) or phthalates. The dye used is trapped inside the silicone so that it’s not possible for the colour to leach into the vaginal environment as do some cheaper dyes which are used in other menstrual cups.

Features of the Lunette Cup

  • The stem on the cup is completely flat, flexible, and thin which makes it more comfortable to wear. A solid, flat, stem allows no room for bacterial to breed.
  • The inside surface is completely smooth without any writing or marks, allowing for easier cleaning, and is hostile to bacteria.
  • The cup has a soft base which makes it easier to ‘pinch and release’ the vacuum seal when removing the cup. It also has convenient ridges that assist with easy removal.
  • The rim design makes it easier to insert, as the rim of the Lunette cup is smooth and small.
  • The Lunette form is slightly shorter yet designed to maximize capacity.
  • The measurement lines assist in understanding your menstrual cycle. By monitoring your flow you are able to predict your heavy and light days.

Sizing and Consistency

Lunette cups come in two different consistencies:   Firm and soft. Model 2 is firm and easily pops open during insertion. While the smaller Model 1 opens easily, its consistency is different:  It was designed to be softer and squishier.  This is a benefit for younger users to make insertion easier. It also is more comfortable for women with lower cervixes or who have sensitive bladders.

Yuuki Cup

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Yuuki Menstrual Cups

The name Yuuki comes from Japanese YUU meaning ‘gentleness’,  ‘of higher merit’ and combined with KI meaning ‘radiance’, ‘hope’ or ‘Life.   Encouraging us to be kinder to ourselves and to nature!

Yuuki Menstrual Cups are high-quality Czech products made of medical grade silicon, meeting the strictest medical standards. All production and inspection processes are in full compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Features of the Yuuki Cup

  • Well-priced and economical.
  • Total comfort during use because of the softness.
  • Complies with EU health regulations.
  • Comes in a range of rainbow colours.
  • Contains no dyes and phthalates.
  • EU product from a specialist in the manufacture of medical components.
  • Has a unique raised edge inside of the cup to prevent spillage during removal.
  • Comes in original and unique packaging. The container is solid and prevents the cup becoming damaged while it is not in use.  (i.e. being carried in a handbag).
Yuuki Cup sizes

Sizing and Consistency

Yuuki menstrual cups come in two sizes:   Number 1 is a smaller cup for young girls and women who have not yet given birth while number 2, a slightly bigger cup, is designed for women who have given birth and for those who are over 28 years of age and enjoy a regular sex life.

Yuuki Cup

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Merula Menstrual Cups

What distinguishes the Merula cup from most other menstrual cups?

  • It has a very large capacity (up to 38ml). With a diameter from 40mm to 46mm Merula adapts perfectly to your body and is an ideal companion for light to heavy bleeding.
  • From weak to strong pelvic muscles: Merula stays where it belongs. As it can be used collapsed and does not have to open completely, even strong pelvic muscles do not make it lose its shape – literally.
  • Due to its spherical shape, Merula has a short height of only 39mm and an impressive capacity, which is bigger than the amount of two of the highest absorbency tampons. Because of that, Merula OS can easily be used by women with a low cervix. The cup can also be used without any difficulty if you have a high cervix, as it has a long, ladder-shaped stem.
  • We also stock the Merula XL for heavy bleeders. It is important to note the Merula XL is not ideal for users with a low cervix.
  • Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide, which length of the stem would be perfect for you. If necessary, you can adapt it by cutting one or two levels from the stem.

Insertion & Removal


Push the rim of the cup at one point in direction to the inner bottom and fold the whole cup. As you do so, the cup becomes smaller and it is easier to insert. You can wet the cup or use a water-based lubricant. Insert the folded cup and make sure that the rim opens again when inside. The bottom of the cup can stay collapsed. If the cup leaks, try to correct its position. The cup does not have to be inserted as deep as a tampon. For removal, press the cup slightly downwards and hold the stem. Move the cup downwards, with slow zigzag movements, until you can reach the bottom. Press the bottom in order to remove the light suction. Now, you can remove the cup completely and clean it.


First, try your Merula cup. After that, you can adapt the stem to your individual length. Remove the parts that are highlighted in red with nail scissors to adapt the stem to your required length. The cup should disappear completely inside your body, but still be easily reachable with at least one finger.

Keep the cup always in a container that is permeable to air, such as the bag that is delivered with Merula. Well maintained, a single cup can be used up to 10 years.

  • The Merula Cup is made of certified medical grade silicone and without chemical additives like plasticizers.


  • Made in Germany


Ruby Cup

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Ruby Menstrual Cups

Ruby Cup is a high quality menstrual cup, made of 100% medical grade silicone, that is reusable for 10 years. It has many advantages over disposable products: it is cheaper in the long term, healthy, environmentally friendly, and it removes the monthly stress of wondering where the next pack of menstrual health products will come from.

What does “sustainable” mean to us: ensuring that our programme participants get the full benefits of using Ruby Cup and enjoy worry-free periods for 10 years. The Ruby packaging is also biodegradable, meaning low waste.

Buy One, Give One. Change someone’s life. For each cup you buy – Ruby cup donates one cup to a girl in need.

Each Ruby Cup donation comes with an educational workshop on reproductive health, includes a thorough introduction on how to use a Ruby Cup by trainers who use one themselves, and gives the girls access to a support network to make sure they get the help they might need once they start using their Ruby Cup.

It makes all the difference, and it starts with you. Read here how we make sure the donated Ruby Cup makes a real difference for the girl who receives one https://rubycup.com/blog/buy-one-give-one-menstrual-cup-donation-long-term-positive-impact/

Ruby Cup is a healthy, sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly menstrual cup. Made from 100% soft, medical grade silicone, Ruby Cup is safe, comfortable and hygienic.


You’ll use up to 12,000 disposable period products in your reproductive lifetime.

Swapping to a Ruby Cup dramatically reduces the impact your period has on the environment. This is because each cup can be reused for up to 10 years. The planet will thank you for it!

A Ruby Cup has 3 times the capacity of a super tampon. That means you can wear it for up to 12 hours, depending on the heaviness of your flow. You have everything you need in one simple product. Job done!

Ruby Cups are made from 100% medical-grade, soft silicone and are free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches. You can care for your body, all while knowing that the product you’re using is completely harmless.

Sizing and Colours

Ruby Cup is available in 4 different colours purple, red, blue and clear and two sizes: Size Small for a light flow; Size Medium for a heavier flow


Yuuki Cup

100% Cotton Cloth Pads

Cloths pads are reusable pads made from 100% ORGANIC COTTON that can be rinsed and re-used. Using cloths pads has many advantages:  they are soft, eco-friendly, healthier and save you money. Many women report that switching to reusable products also created a change in their attitude towards their body and femininity. Over the years, we have grown apart from our body and our cycles. The more we grow apart, the more we hear about PMS, bad cramps, periods that are getting longer and heavier and many other syndromes. A long time ago, when women came back to their tribe after menstruating, the wise men would consult them because their period time was known as a time of dreams and intuition. With time, this approach disappeared and with it also the joy of having our period.

Nowadays we are taught not to talk about our menstruation flow, periods are a hassle and we prefer to get rid of it any way we can. When we get more in touch with our body, with our cycle and period we find out that our body is in fact very wise and tells us what it needs.  Our body needs to slow down, to rest to be more ‘in’ than ‘out’ and it will signal it to us in any way it possibly can.

The advantages of 100% ORGANIC COTTON cloths pads:

These cloths pads are really soft, made from layers of only 100% ORGANIC COTTON and breathable.  It is not sealed with any synthetic fabrics to allow your body to breathe.  It is attached to your panty with snaps.

By using cloths pads made from 100% ORGANIC COTTON, we help the environment. No synthetic fibres that our landfill takes hundreds of years to disintegrate.  By using 100% ORGANIC COTTON we help to keep our body & environment healthy.

Many women switching to 100% ORGANIC COTTON cloths pads report that they don’t suffer from yeast infections BV, bladder infections etc. In the cotton industry that is being used for the disposable pads, they use pesticides and other chemicals (about 800 different chemicals).  These cloth pads are free of all those chemicals.

These 100% ORGANIC COTTON pads have a high absorbent ability. They also suit women with heavy bleeding and postpartum.  The cloth pads do not go through dying with chemicals or bleach and therefore their absorbent ability is high.

Besides the first investment, they last you a good few years. A woman is fertile about 30 years and these 100% ORGANIC COTTON pads will last you a while (also due to not being sprayed with dyes which are basically chemicals).

They are always there; you cannot forget to buy them.

One word about smell: blood doesn’t smell. Blood that went through oxygenation and/or mixed with chemicals will smell.

These reusable cloth pads are made from 100% Organic Cotton and one pul layer.

It comes in 4 different sizes:

  • 19cm x 5cm which is perfect for teens and people with a small to medium stature – extra small to medium underwear.
  • 24 cm x 6cm which is ideal for teens at night or for adults daily. Medium stature – small to medium underwear.
  • 28 cm x 7cm is ideal for people with a larger stature and after giving birth – large to extra-large underwear.
  • 33cm x  8cm is great for postpartum and extra-large stature.

It has GOTS approval which guarantees that the cotton doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is manufactured in Fair Trade. The shape of the cloth pad works with the female body and sits naturally and comfortably. The cloth pad is made with 4 layers and a pul layer between them which is breathable and leakproof. You can also use these pads for incontinence.

The cloth pads have wings with press studs that are nickel free. This helps prevent movement of the pad so it sits in place throughout the day. While wearing the pad, the print should be facing your vulva. The more absorbable area is suitable for heavy bleeding.

Washing instructions:

  • Wash before first use.
  • After use, soak it in cold water and then wash and rinse, or rinse under cold water and wash in the washing machine with a low temperature and no softener. It is best to use an eco-friendly detergent.

The cloth pads are absorbent and especially recommended for women who suffer from vaginal infections, candida, irritations and UTIs.

You can choose to mix and match colours and sizes.

19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
Length: 19cm 24cm 28cm 33cm
Width: 5.5cm 7cm 7cm 8cm
Underwear Width: 5-6cm 7-8cm 7-8cm 8-9cm
Stature: sml – normal normal large x-large
Size: xs – m s -l l – xl xl – xxxl
Bleeding: also for postpartum
  • They have high absorption, comfortable, healthy and eco-friendly.

  • They are washed easily and don’t need lots of maintenance.

  • One needs 6-12 cloths pads depends on her flow, length of her period and washing routine.


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