Kegels & Karma is an event on the 13th of January 2018,  for all women designed by two sisters who grew up in The Boland (
Shirley Boerssen and Janet Kimmel. As moms and women who work in the fitness industry, they recognize the need to learn and embrace the changes their bodies and that of their clients go through with every stage of life. Kegels & Karma is an event that educates women on core and pelvic floor function, hormones and much more.
It is a decadent escape for one full day to indulge and spoil yourself with a hike, guided mediation, shopping, education and in season fresh, healthy meals and of course ending the day with a glass of local wine.
Kegels & Karma is for moms, mother in laws, sisters, girl friends, daughters, cousins, nieces, aunts, step moms..we think you get the point.

Kegels & Karma makes a great gift for any women you adore and care about.