November 2017

Kegels & Karma

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Kegels & Karma is an event on the 13th of January 2018,  for all women designed by two sisters who grew up in The Boland (https://www.facebook.com/events/1575632762458548/). Shirley Boerssen and Janet Kimmel. As moms and women who work in the fitness industry, they recognize the need to learn and embrace the changes their bodies and that [...]

August 2017

Talk about Baby Development

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Baby Development Talk Date:    31 August 10:00 Venue:  22 Jamaica Dr, Capri, 7945, South Africa Tickets: R100 pp Enriching your baby's developmental environment - a talk by Rona Mirimi Rona Mirimi helps parents to enrich baby's developmental environment so that baby reaches his/her full potential during their most important developmental milestones. As a [...]

July 2017

Mooncycle Day

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In association with Dr Gauri Lowe we presented the first ever ‘Mooncycle Day’ on the 15th July to promote a simpler, greener and more open approach to dealing with menstrual issues and clear up some of the questions related to this most natural of processes. Discussions and presentations ranged from answering questions around [...]