We are all connected to one another and the environment.  What’s good for the environment is better for our health. After we have passed on, our children and their children will inherit the earth and the legacy we leave. When we give life to our children, we want the best for them. Leaving our environment in a good condition is a way of caring for them. It’s important that we leave them with the best world we can. They also need to learn this from us in order to impart this knowledge to their children down the generations. l can’t see any other way. 

I espouse a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but this wasn’t always so.

I studied Media & Management and Organisational Consulting at the College of Management before embarking on a career in Public Relations. I embraced the corporate world living on adrenalin and two litres of diet Coke a day!

I met my husband, Gil, and we moved to South Africa in 2009. Little did I know that with the birth of our eldest son my life was about to make a right-angled turn. Barak was born prematurely at 33 weeks due to Pre-eclampsia. As new parents we were suddenly having to cope with a baby who cried all the time and no idea what to do.

In order to help moms in their first months and years of motherhood embarked on a two-year course of intensive study and qualified as a baby development guide in the ‘First Step’ method, an internationally acclaimed programme.

During my studies, I became pregnant with my second son, Jonathan, and gave birth to him at 32 weeks. This time round I was better prepared to deal with the challenges and qualified as a baby development guide.

With the arrival of these two special beings in my life and wanting to give them the very best grounding possible, I embarked on a new, healthy lifestyle. “I went from fizzy drinks and potato crisps to water and brussel sprouts overnight.”

I have grave concerns about what is happening to the planet that my children are growing up in and that my grandchildren will inherit. This has led to a far more mindful way of living. Of cutting down on waste and avoiding my children ingesting impure products or substances. From what they eat, to the toys they play with and the learning activities they are exposed to. This drive for the holistic wellbeing of my family has led me not only to develop my own range of natural deodorants, creams and salves, but also to market my range of green menstrual products and host workshops for mothers and babies.

Learning to chart my fertility cycle has given me a new appreciation and understanding of my own body which is incredibly empowering. I am looking forward to further in-depth studies in this area and passing this knowledge on.

My family.  Jonathan, Gil and Barak


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