Today’s review will be about the Ruby Cup.

This review is a bit tricky for me to write and you will read why.

The Ruby Cup head office is in Barcelona and the product is manufactured in China. It has FDA approval and is made of a quality medical grade silicone.

Ruby cup is on the softer side of the scale and comes in a few colours: pink, purple, blue and transparent, as well as a limited edition black. At first when I saw the stem, I was a bit worried because it looks a bit rough although very flexible, but when I tried it, it was surprisingly comfortable. I guess to make it easier to grip and the rings at the bottom as well for that purpose. 

The Ruby has 2 sizes: small and medium (thank you for not calling it Large or XL like most companies do). Sizing according to their instructions depends on your cervix height and menstrual flow. If you have a heavy flow and medium to high cervix, go with the medium size. If you have a low cervix and light to medium flow, go with the small size. They also mention that if you have heavy flow and a low cervix you can still use the small cup, but you will probably have to empty it more frequently.

There are two sizes:

Length: 65mm (rim to stem), cup length: 46mm, stem length: 19 mm, width: 40mm, capacity: 24ml.

Length: 68mm (rim to stem), cup length: 51mm, stem length: 17mm, width: 45mm, capacity: 34ml.

Insertion was easy although I had to adjust it a bit. It was comfortable and I had a really good experience with the cup. Removing it was easy and in total, I must say that I really like this cup.

The amazing thing about this cup and this brand is that if you buy one, you get to donate one cup to a girl in need in Africa. So basically, by using the Ruby Cup you help others!

On the other side, it turns out that this company buys its silicone from a company that is testing their silicone on animals.

A few words about that: all the materials that are medical grade have to be tested on animals somewhere during the process of manufacturing the material. Once the material is done and approved, there is no need to continue testing it repeatedly. Notice that it’s not the cup company who tests the cups but the companies they are buying the silicone from.

Another down side to this cup is that they are not shipping to South Africa, which I find strange since they are donating cups to women in Africa.

I got mine from a friend overseas, where they do ship it to, who bought two and sent it to me. It only took two months to arrive.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.