I got to try this New Zealand brand called Hello.

The packaging of the cups is great. It comes in a cylinder made from cardboard that is well designed with happy colours. The cups have pastel colours of lilac, blue, orange, fuchsia and blush which is a light pink.

They have 3 sizes: extra small, small to medium and large.

The extra small is designed especially for teenagers and it is really small. The small to medium according to the company is a one-size fits all for those under 35 and/or who are super sporty. The large is for users after giving birth, who have weaker muscles and who are above 35 years of age. They also mention that the L stands for “lovely” and they have an option to buy a pack of 2 different sizes.

This cup is made from medical grade “thermoplastic elastomer” hence TPE and according to the company it is a type of plastic. Now, my followers know that I am not a huge fan of TPE and plastic. But, as you know, I am donating my body for my followers and I therefore tried this cup. 

This TPE feels different from the other one I have tried. The cup is on the stiffer side. The upper part is stiffer than the body, has 2 small air holes and it doesn’t have the typical rim we see in most cups. The body is smooth, there are 2 rings at the bottom to grab and the stem has what looks like a ball at the end.


I decided to go with the “lovely” size and used the 7 fold. It went in easily but it didn’t pop open as easily as I expected. Not at all in fact. I had to work it a bit to open it and get the proper seal. Once I managed to do it, the cup worked very well. I didn’t leak or feel it at all.


Breaking the seal was easy and there was no hassle there.

In total, this cup confuses me a lot. It is very pleasant to use, although I prefer softer cups that are made from medical grade silicone, but this one is good. Again, I am not a fan of the TPE at all. This material also has a shorter lifespan.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.