Today’s review will be about the Mia Cup. 

I will start with the package. What I liked about it was that it is made of recycling paper and you can compost it. One of the great advantages of using a menstrual cup is that we create no waste in our environment by using it. Many companies fail in the packaging solution. I loved the idea I can compost it.

What I would like to see made more clearly on the package is what size it is. When I got mine it was stated underneath in a pen. I had to dig around on their website to find sizes and the difference between the sizes.

It comes with instructions inside. One of them was that if it becomes discoloured, one should soak it overnight in some ordinary household bleach and then rinse it. That is something I will never advise. It is so unhealthy. What if the Mia Cup absorbs some of the bleach and then you insert it? What if someone will understand this is how you sterilize the cup because today we love to use bleach as it gives us the feeling of “clean”.

I went to Mia’s website to figure out measurements of the different sizes. The only thing I saw, and I had to dig, was that the smaller is 3mm smaller in the diameter.  I haven’t seen both, the small and the large one, next to each other and on the package it doesn’t say the size in print.

Size Diameter Height +Stem Height -Stem Capacity
Size 1 43mm 70mm 53mm 25ml
Size 2 46mm 70mm 53mm 30ml


On their website, which I again had to dig to find, they say it had FDA approval for the silicone.

The Mia Cup itself comes in a purple kind of rubber silicone and is a soft cup from the rim to the bottom. Mine came with the stem bended and there was no way to move it back to the middle. It is not too thin and when I insert it I felt it but I didn‘t feel the cup.

The rim is quite large and had an edge which personally I like less. It has 3 lines at the bottom for a better grip of the cup. The use was ok. I had to play with it to pop open which I don’t mind but once it did, I didn’t felt it as mentioned.

There are 2 points that I have to mention: Mia Cup is made of rubber silicone and is locally made. It doesn’t feel like the best quality cup and the fact that it is locally made makes me think that it isn’t the best value for money. I paid R395.

Also, I don’t get the feeling of transparency or clarity of all the facts regarding the Mia Cup from their website and I had to look for the information that I think should be there and easy to find.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.