Lily Cup One by INTIMINA Review.

A word about the company:

INTIMINA makes really nice, smooth high-quality medical grade silicone products. They are the manufacturers of the Ziggy Cup as well. 

They sent me 3 cups to try which are all soft, collapsible cups with a slight difference. I choose the one that has the ring at the bottom and the ribs are a bit different. The cup arrived with a small case that has a diameter of 4cm and it comes in a cheerful bright coloured box.

This cup doesn’t come in different sizes, it is one size fits all with a length of 47mm, a diameter of 39mm and a capacity of 21ml.

The Lily Compact has 2 sizes: 

Size A is for women who haven’t given birth. It has a length of 58mm, a diameter of 42mm and a capacity of 18ml.

Size B is for all the rest and has a length of 58mm, a diameter of 45mm and a capacity of 23ml. 

I choose the one which they say covers the lightest and heaviest flows for up to 12 hours and suits your body.


It was easy to insert. I used the 7 fold and it went in well. I had to help it a bit to pop open but not anything major. It was very comfortable and I couldn’t feel it at all, but I leaked badly. It is just too small. The diameter doesn’t suit all shapes. Not at all. So after 2 stained pieces of underwear, one liner and one pants, and I am not a heavy bleeder at all, I had to use another cup. It just didn’t create a good seal and therefore I leaked.


Well, since there was no vacuum it was very easy.

A word about collapsible cups. Although I understand why it is appealing to some people, I think it is a tricky thing. It has to be done really good to be practical. I tried one last year that wasn’t as good quality as these ones and their collapsible cup didn’t work well either. I think the Lily Compact is better designed than the one I choose to try because the ribs provide extra help and makes it a bit easier, but it was still not working smoothly. It is very continent to be folded and inserted in its little box and put in the back pocket of your denim, but on the other hand it compromises the functionality of the cup.

Those cups are designed for light to medium flow. I wouldn’t recommend it for teenagers because dealing with the foldability might be a mission. Experienced cup users that want something discrete to put in their pocket and go to a club may enjoy it as long as they aren’t medium to heavy bleeders.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.