This is the Feminine Pod Review, or what I like to call, “spot the difference”.

Apparently I have reviewed the same cup under different names! Look at the photo and judge for yourself.

Now there are 3 different brands in the market which are completely the same. The only difference is the colour with 3 shades of pink and the Feminine Pod is the softest out of them. That is it. The stem, capacity and quality are all the same.

Like its sisters, it’s not mentioned where it is manufactured, whether it has any approval and it is therefore something I would personally stay away from.

I know that the price is really tempting but believe me that at the end of the day you might spend so much more. There is also a chemical fragrance to the box it comes in. I am not sure why this is the case but it is strange.

The information about the Feminine Pod is the same as the Pink Cup which I will share again below.

The small size is for women under 30 that haven’t had a baby and the large size is for all the rest.

  • The small size has a capacity of 15ml, a diameter of 42mm, a length of 47mm and a stem length of 25mm. The total length is 72mm. 
  • The large size as a capacity of 20ml, a diameter of 45mm, a length of 50mm and a stem length of 20mm. The total length is 70mm.

Their website and the package says that the cup contains no dyes but it is called “Pink Cup” and it is pink/purple in colour. Maybe I don’t know enough about medical grade silicone but it is transparent in colour, at least all of those cups I that I know of.

My experience with the Pink Cup was quite good. The stem that I was worried about didn’t bother me at all. When I inserted it, I had to help it pop open but for me it’s not an issue and I didn’t feel it. Removing it was also a good experience. If I need to sum up my experience with it, the Pink Cup was pleasant to deal with, but I am not going to use it again.

Why? It doesn’t have FDA approval which is quite important for me. If I put something in my vagina for so many hours, I want to make sure it is safe. The second reason is that I have no idea where it is made. I have looked on the package and went to their website and there is no reference to where this cup is manufactured.

The last thing I want to mention, I might be called fussy here, but it has a smell. That particular smell that you smell when you enter a shop with products from China. Well it kind of stayed after I have sterilized it and during use. It got better with time but I am not sure how I feel about it.  Those things are important to me therefore I won’t use it again.

A last word, from my experience, women with heavy bleeding will find this capacity quite small.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.