This review is on the Ziggy Cup.

Let’s start with the packaging. Every review that talks about this cup says the same thing; there is too much plastic! One of the huge benefits of switching to a menstrual cup is low waste or no waste at all, but this one has a huge plastic box. Having said that, it looks very fancy when you get it and you feel the excitement of something new. Its bag is also well designed.

The cup itself is made from smooth medical grade silicone and feels like it is great quality. The cup’s shape is different from most menstrual cups as it has a wider rim and is flat, contains 76ml and the promise is that it is safe to have period sex with.

The ‘body’ of the cup is made from thin silicone and this is the reason the company’s instruction is to change it every 2 years.

How to insert the Ziggy Cup:

Fold it in half length ways and insert it to cover your cervix. It is supposed to be hooked behind your pubic bone. The first time I inserted it, I used coconut oil and for me it was a bit of a problem to insert it folded because my cervix is quite high. Once I got it in and understood where to ‘hook’ it and to make it stay in place it was cool. I didn’t feel it at all and there were no leaks.

To remove it you need to insert one finger, unhook the rim from behind the pubic bone and pull it out. It was very easy to do. The thing was that I tried to insert it again and every time I tried to hook it behind my pubic bone, it kept sliding out and it was sore so I decided to leave it and used one of my 100% ORGANIC COTTON cloth pads for that night.

The next morning I inserted it again, managed to hook it as mentioned and it was ok but kept it sliding out and as a result I was leaking. I think the length of it does not suit my anatomy very well. It might be a bit too long for my body because it kept sliding and it pushed against my bladder.

Sadly I can’t really write anything on the sex department since I didn’t manage to use it without leaks, which is the basic key here so I didn’t push it.

However, if I want to have sex during my period I would definitely try this cup again only for that period of time.

Who might benefit from this cup?

Heavy bleeders for sure, people with a low cervix and those who want to have period sex and who are familiar with a diaphragm or soft cups. I wouldn’t suggest it for first-time users and teenagers.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.