This review is about the Princess D Cup.

I must admit that writing this review was a bit challenging for me.  One of my main principles in doing these reviews was not to compare cups, but this time I found it a bit difficult.

I would like to say that according to their website, the owners of this brand are doing wonderful work! I love the fact that Caster Semenya gave her name, face and energy to this brand. She is such an inspiration to many people and I am sure so many young people can find something to identify with her unique story, battles and successes.

A note to the owners, I think this can be taken even further. There are other society issues to address also, maybe to gender issues, to people with a vagina and cervix that might need more information and more accessibility to those types of products. 

The Princess D menstrual cup comes with a sterilizing cup that is foldable and looks like a thin disk. Now, I assume it is for the microwave. It is not written anywhere that I could see on how to use it. I placed my cup in, filled it with water, closed the lid and put in the microwave. After a few minutes, the lid popped off from the base. I opened the microwave, reached in to take the sterilizing cup out and the boiling water dropped on my hand. Why? The sterilizing cup is made from a very flexible material, but I’m not sure which one it is. This is something to bear in mind. What kind of material is it? Can it leak the water when boiling it? Can it stick to the cup? When you try to hold it, due its flexibility, the water comes out of it. Maybe it needs some lines inside, a warning, instructions – all of these would be great.

Regarding the menstrual cup itself, I was surprised because I reviewed a cup that looks exactly like it a few months ago. I put these two cups together to understand what the differences are. Besides the colours, the Princess D is pale pink and the other a darker pink-purple, I couldn’t find any differences whatsoever. They are the same size, same capacity, have the same lines on the stem, the same stem, the same lines on the bottom, the same stiffness and the same writing on the cup which can be seen in the photos. They are absolutely identical!

According to their instructions:

The small cup holds up to 15ml and is suitable for girls and women from 10 – 30 years of age, and those with a light flow. 

The large cup holds up to 20ml and is suitable for women over 30 years of age, and those with a heavy flow. 

With all the respect to the brand and its achievements – 20ml is a medium flow. 

My experience with this cup wasn’t too bad. I had to help it pop open, which is ok for me, but this time the stem was disturbing me. I guess I placed the cup with the stem in a horizontal position. I had lots of cramps this cycle and the position of the stem bothered me so much that I had to remove it after a few hours. The removal was also ok and luckily my flow is light to medium so I had no leaks. I inserted another cup I have and the cramps reduced a lot. I still had them, but they were less painful.

To sum it up, it is written that the silicone has FDA approval which is great and the experience was ok in total. You need to keep in mind how to position the stem so it does not bother you and if you have a medium to heavy flow, I’m not sure that this cup will suit you.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.