Today’s review will be about the Goddess Cup.

Some history of this cup:

In it first round this cup was called MyOwnCup. Originally the reason to develop this cup was very good – to keep girls in school. Sell them for cheap and help the girls. Slowly the developers noticed that girls started to share the cups between them without proper sterilizing and that is how the cup got its original name. I am not sure what happen and why the name has changed but now it is called Goddess Cup.

In order to learn about the Goddess Cup I had to check a few websites to gather the information. The instructions that came with the cup are only for folding, cleaning and the generic advantages of using a menstrual cup.

The Goddess Cup lasts up to 5 years. I can’t really tell you what it is made of. I can only tell what it is not made of: “The medical grade, non-absorbant material does not contain any silicone, proteins, PVC, latex, bleach, deodorant or absorbing gels…”. I took this from the MyOwnCup website. 

I couldn’t find the different sizes and capacity so I went to the website I ordered it from and there is where I found that there are 3 sizes: 

Small size for light flow:  20ml capacity, diameter of 39mm and length of 60mm.

Medium size for medium flow: 25ml capacity, diameter of 46.6mm and length of 70mm. 

Large for heavy flow: 30ml capacity, diameter of 46.6mm, length of 72mm.

Its shape is long, the rim is really bold and the stem is really short.

The website mentions that it has FDA approval but I couldn’t find where it is manufactured.

My experience with it: 

I had the Goddess Medium and started to use it on the first day of my period. I must admit that not knowing which material I am putting in kind of bothered me and after a few hours I had to take it out because it started to irritate my vagina. I felt more cramps and a bit of itchiness. Inserting it was ok. I kept feeling it inside which I guess is because of the rim which is very chunky and bold. The body itself is quite narrow.

Removing it was a different story! I tried to hold at the bottom to pinch it but my fingers couldn’t hold the cup as the material was so slippery! I had to do what I never do which is pull a bit from the very short stem. The rim hurt me a bit while pulling it out.

I tried it again the next day and had the same experience as before. After about an hour and a half, I took it out. If I have to sum it up, I didn’t like using it at all.

A few months ago I made a package for the project “Keeping Girls in School” and I asked women who have anything to contribute for that project to send to me. I got 4 cups that were second hand and sterilized. All 4 of them were the Goddess Cup.

** Please note that these reviews are based on my own experience and are therefore my own opinion. I would also like to mention that we are all shaped differently and if something didn’t work well for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.