If you have just joined me, please note that these are only reviews and not comparing cups because I think it is a matter of preference and if you love a cup for whatever reason, you will make it work.

Things that matter the most to me when choosing a cup are the height of your cervix – only if it is extremely low, otherwise most of the cups will work; the material the cup is made from – personally I prefer to only use medical grade silicone because the percentage of allergic reactions to it is almost non-existent; I prefer transparent cups, with exception, because we don’t need to add more unnecessary ingredients. I like to use a cup from a brand and not a cheap Chinese one that is sold online because there is no way to know the quality of these materials. I also like to know that the cup has passed FDA tests and/or European health requirements.

I was really debating with myself on which cup to continue my reviews on and I decided to keep on with the chronology I have started.

The second cup I tried was the IrisCup. What can I say? The softness of the cup captured me. It was easy from the first time I inserted it. I loved it. That is the reason I decided to start importing it from Spain where it was designed and manufactured. 

The IrisCup is made from 100% platinum silicone which is the highest grade of medical silicone there is. This fact is important because this material does not react with our body at all and therefore the IrisCup is a very safe and hypoallergenic cup.  The IrisCup has FDA approval and EU health department certificates.

The body of the cup is smooth which helps with cleaning and insertion and the upper part of the cup is a bit stiffer than its body and which will help it pop open more easily.

What I love about this cup is that it is very comfortable. Once you insert it correctly, you can’t feel it at all.

My period is not heavy and I find this capacity great for me. On my heaviest days I need to change it every 4 hours and then every 6 – 8 hours.

It has 2 sizes: small if you are under 25 years old and have never had a baby and a large size for all the rest.

The measurements are as following:

SIZE Inner length
without cuff
External length
with sleeve
Inside diameter External diameter Capacity
L 50 mm 65 mm 36 mm 45 mm 20 ml
S 45 mm 65 mm 30 mm 40 mm 15 ml


Who can benefit from a soft cup?

A soft cup is less likely to be felt, in particular if one has bladder, bowel or vaginal sensitivity or pain. People who are extra sensitive, such as young teens, those who are uncomfortable with penetration or those who have experienced a traumatic birth may want to avoid the stiffer cups. 

A soft cup is not the best choice for women who’s pelvic muscles are very tight or strong and therefore a stiffer cup would be better for them.